Cost Savings

When you look at what you get with an Elastic account compared to a VPS you see that there are many cost benefits to an Elastic Host.

Licensing Savings

Recurring Licensing Costs

One-Off Setup Licensing Costs

If you purchased a VPS and wanted to run the same quality software, the licensing costs would amount to $194.45 the first month and $79.45 / month thereafter. That $1068.40 for the first year in licensing saved, just by choosing Elastic Hosting.

You could save money on your VPS buy not purchasing something from the above list, but then you would be decreasing your User Experience, Performance or Security.

You could have a 2CPU Elastic Account with 6GB of memory for under £25 / month or a 4CPU Elastic Account with 10GB of memory for under £45 / month. (Bigger accounts are available on request to existing customers).

All the power you need, at an affordable price.