SSH Keys

Click the ‘SSH Keys’ icon in the Reseller Level ‘Server Management’ Section
Click ‘CREATE KEY’ to generate a new key, or ‘PASTE KEY’ to add an existing key to your authorized_keys file.
Supply a ‘Key ID’, choose whether to add it directory to your authorized_keys file. Supply a comment to distinquish this key from others, choose a Keysize from 1024/2048/4096 and a challenge password (or leave blank to have no challenge). Click ‘CREATE’
Your key-pair is generated in /home/<username>/.ssh. In the above example, two files are created id_rsa and An entry is also found in authorized_keys. Download the two files to your computer and delete them from the server. Use them with your SSH/SCP client to connect the server.
The above key was generated in the admin account and the files are in /home/admin/.ssh, download the Key-pair using FTP or ‘File Manager’ in Directadmin
If you already have an SSH Key-pair, then you can just paste the contents of the .pub file in here and have that key installed and authorized.

UnixGuru Hosting, does not allow you to authenticate an SSH session using your password, only keys, and therefore you must generate a key if you wish to get a shell our server.

We recommend you generating a password for your key, rather than leaving it blank. This ensures that if you lose your Key gets compromised, a thief will not be able to access your account.

Should you lose your SSH Key-pair, or suspect it has been compromised, then simply remove the old key-pair and generate a new key-pair.