ConfigServer MailScanner Front-End

ConfigServer MSFE is a plugin for Directadmin and cPanel servers that exposes the features of MailScanner, the #1 Open Source Email Filter, to the users of the control panel.

UnixGuru has chosen MailScanner as it has a far wider functionality to SpamAssassin (the native DirectAdmin spam tool), which it uses under the hood, but along with ConfigServer’s Plugin allows each user have to their individual settings, from drop-down menus.

Directadmin’s use of SpamAssassin required each user/customer to understand and be able to write SpamAssassin‘s rules themselves, often leading to customers losing their own emails, which is never pleasant.

MailScanner‘s ability to detect Viruses, Spam, Phishing, Malware and other kinds of security attacks, makes this a major part of our defence systems.