Manage User Packages

Manage User Packages
Click on a ‘Package’ to Edit or ‘ADD PACKAGE’ to create a custom package
Fill the appropriate values into the webform or tick ‘Unlimited’ on the right
Select which features you want active. You can also select the Skin and Language for the control panel here. All of these examples are from the ‘Evolution’ skin. (We discourage the use of SpamAssassin directly, as incorrect use can lead to loss of emails. We have MailScanner installed with GUI in the ‘Extra Features’ section, and recommend this over SpamAssassin.)
Select with Features and Plugins are to be made available to the end-user. The Defaults to both are ‘Allow All’. (Please note that Admin Level features will not appear in Reseller Level, niether will Reseller Features appear in User Level)
If you place a different name here, without ticking the ‘Rename’ box, then a copy will be made with the new name,